Stay Ahead of the Curve™

Maintain Healthy Operations in Stadiums and Venues

Facility Services for Stadiums, Arenas, and Event Venues to Stay Ahead of the Curve™

Event venues and stadiums need to consistently maintain clean facilities before, during, and after events. Attendee satisfaction begins with the appearance of a venue, and efficiently turning around a facility for the next event is paramount. We specialize in all your venues’ needs including event staffing, post-event cleaning, premium area and suite detailing, and exterior services. We are a partner dedicated to enhancing the experience of every fan in attendance. KBS is honored to be the Official Cleaning Partner and Official Facility Services Partner for professional teams across North America.

Deep Expertise
  • 50+ years of experience partnering with event clients
  • Official cleaning partner for professional sports teams
  • Full range of staffing positions provide
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Tailored Programs for Efficient Results

We tailor programs to meet the evolving needs of events and venues. Our comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting solutions maximize results while driving efficiency and consistency. Implementation plans are designed around proven models and leverage existing talent and equipment. We work with venue managers and event planners to determine staffing levels, equipment choices, and frequency of service to provide guests and employees a clean, safe environment to enjoy.

Success Driven by a Tech-enabled Team of Experts

KBS works with clients to develop, measure, and report on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Through our proprietary KBSForce™ technology, we track KPIs, record audits, and offer real-time insights on a web-enabled mobile platform. 

Delivering Results For Stadiums and Event Venues

KBS Facility Services for stadiums and event venues are focused on the benefits we deliver to our clients. 

  • Improvements in client satisfaction
  • Consistency to operations in terms of equipment, chemicals, and processes
  • Flexibility for fully outsourced programs, supplemental staffing, and overall scope of work


Stay Ahead of the Curve with KBS

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