Maintain Healthy Operations

Commercial Landscaping Service

Providing Nationwide Commercial Landscaping Services

Healthy operations extend outside of facilities to the look and feel of exterior spaces. Quality and confidence in facilities often starts with a strong exterior presence. In addition, many operations are putting higher levels of investment in outdoor spaces to ease social distancing within facilities.

KBS works with clients to supply commercial landscaping services at scale. We work with a wide range of sectors such as hospitality, retail, warehousing and logistics, education, commercial properties, and manufacturing plants.

We provide our customers with:
  • 24⁄7 Customer Call Center
  • On-time service providers
  • Real-time service updates and weather reporting
  • Mobile Technology Applications
  • Timely proof of services and invoicing
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Dependable Commercial Landscaping Services at Scale

KBS provides services to clients nationwide, allowing for one partnership that often spans interior and exterior services. As a national commercial landscaping service provider, KBS can scale services between dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of locations. Clients realize the benefits of working with one supplier across locations to improve quality and drive cost efficiencies. 

Industrial Landscaping for Brand Confidence 

Professional landscaping is essential to the brand impact on consumers and to enhancing employee satisfaction. KBS delivers commercial landscape maintenance services at scale, providing consistent quality and reliability across multiple locations. 

Tech-enabled Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Services 

KBS’s uses KBSforce™, a web-based system for tracking KPIs and audits. The system allows KBS to track progress and escalate issues, while giving clients access to data on when, where, and how work was performed. KBS’s customer service team proactively follows up with individual sites to ensure services are performed to spec and correct local service issues if they exist. This people-enabled technology helps KBS maintain healthy operations for clients.

Exterior services achieve savings

Our Commercial Landscaping Services

  • Complete Turf Care andMowing
  • Fertilization
  • Tree Services
  • Irrigation Maintenance and Repair
  • Plant Bed Installation and Maintenance
  • Snow Plowing, Snow Removal, and Ice Control


Stay Ahead of the Curve with KBS

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