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Facility Services to Stay Ahead of the Curve

KBS delivers essential integrated facility services to help our customers and employees stay safe.

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KBS is a Trusted Facility Services Partner to Industry Leaders

KBS is the largest privately-held provider of facility services in North America. For over 50 years, we’ve provided contract cleaning and other services to industry-leading clients with the highest standards for performance and compliance. This includes serving as a front line provider fighting the pandemic with our COVID-19 cleaning services and response teams.

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Tailored Facility Solutions at Scale

KBS’ scalable processes, technology, and operations help raise standards and lower costs at scale. We work with our partners to create tailored programs that maintain healthy operations across over 100,000 active customer locations nationwide.

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Our Innovation and Technology Drive Efficiency

KBSForce™ is our proven, proprietary technology platform that drives the facility services programs for each of our clients. It streamlines reporting and delivers decision ready data in real time, further empowering our team’s ability to leverage cross-functional expertise, and anticipate issues and solve problems upstream.

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Blog | 01.12.2023

3 Ways Exterior Maintenance Services Can Enhance Brand Impressions

Exceptional customer service and bright, clean in-store shopping experiences are considered staples for maintaining a positive brand impression with customers. But there is another significant source of brand influence that organizations may be overlooking: the physical exterior of their buildings and storefronts.

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We Customize Solutions to Our Clients’ Needs

Building on a wide range of service offerings, KBS customizes solutions to the scale and specifications our clients require. For over 50 years, we have delivered essential facility services that help customers and employees stay safe.

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