Maintain Healthy Operations

Commercial Snow Plowing

Providing Commercial Snow Plowing and Commercial Snow Removal

A well-developed commercial snow plowing program is an important part in helping customers and employees stay safe. KBS works with clients nationwide as part of its overall facilities services to provide commercial snow plowing and commercial snow removal services.

We provide our customers with:
  • 24⁄7 Customer Call Center
  • On-time service providers
  • Real-time service updates and weather reporting
  • Mobile Technology Applications
  • Timely proof of services and invoicing
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Commercial Snow Plowing Services on A National Scale

Working through a network of self-managed and vendor-managed partners, KBS is one of the nation’s leading commercial snow removal companies. We work with clients to provide these services across multiple sites so that facilities can continue to operate, keeping customers and employees safe during the winter months.

KBS offers clients the ability to bundle services across a wide range of location facilities.

Commercial Snow Removal and Other Services

With thousands of approved and trusted local partners in our network, and hundreds of our own field managers, KBS has an unprecedented infrastructure to deliver snow removal services. KBS’s customer service team proactively follows up with individual sites to ensure services are performed to spec and corrects local service issues if they exist.

Tech-enabled Commercial Snow Removal

Our team uses KBSforce™, a web-based system for tracking KPIs and audits. The system allows KBS to track progress and escalate issues, while giving clients easy access to data on when, where, and how work was performed. Our customer service team proactively follows up with sites to ensure local contacts are satisfied, while identifying and resolving any issues. This people-enabled technology helps KBS maintain healthy operations for clients.