Maintain Healthy Operations

Commercial Janitorial Services

Commercial Janitorial Services for Healthy Operations 

A strong janitorial program is key to the health of any operation, which is why we provide our clients with custom janitorial contract services that meet their specific operational needs. Our experts start by examining the facility’s cleaning requirements, evaluate the frequency of cleaning, and make recommendations regarding cleaning devices, chemicals, and protocols. The team then performs regular cleaning, other disinfecting services, and maintenance to reduce the spread of viruses and keep clients and employees safe.

A Proven Process

KBS has developed and refined a proven process for commercial janitorial services. We organize supplies and equipment, analyze floorplans and workflows, and create a plan tailored to the needs of a specific environment. KBS organizes signage, supplies, and equipment and performs audits to evaluate ongoing performance. Ongoing training is also performed to give teams updates on protocols, equipment, and chemicals, and also to reinforce or introduce safety measures.

A National Service

KBS provides essential janitorial cleaning services to companies across North America. The national presence of our company means that we can scale services while offering consistent quality across a wide range of industries including retail, industrial and manufacturing, shipping and logistics, educational institutions, hotels and resorts, restaurants, and more.

Customized Programs

KBS partners with facilities managers to create and implement janitorial programs tailored to their specific needs. This includes developing disinfecting strategies with the correct scale and frequency for maintaining health and safety for a client. Our team also has the flexibility to supplement janitorial staff or manage your outsourced janitorial program in its entirety. 

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Maintain Healthy Operations With Our Janitorial Services
  • Janitorial services across thousands of sites nationwide
  • Fully managed outsourced janitorial programs
  • Supplemental janitorial staff for short and long-term assignments
  • Trained teams to fit customer specifications
  • Reduced turnover and ​“no-shows”
  • Consistent quality through audits and real-time reporting

Proven Performance Supported by Technology

KBS provides services to leading operations at over 100,000 locations nationwide. Our janitorial experts use EPA-registered disinfectants and the most advanced cleaning methods to deliver the results required by our clients. Our proprietary KBSForce™ technology is leveraged across every facility for ongoing reporting, auditing, and tracking to increase efficiency and enhance transparency.

Stay Ahead of the Curve with KBS

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