Maintain Healthy Operations

Restaurant Cleaning Services

Restaurant Cleaning Services Critical to Healthy Operations 

Restaurants have always had extremely high standard for cleanliness. Today, those requires are even higher as diners and staff return to restaurants nationwide. 

KBS provides cost-effective nightly kitchen cleaning services that keeps restaurants, country clubs, and hotels clean and sanitized. We provide an array of nightly janitorial and restaurant cleaning services for kitchens, dining rooms, restrooms, and outdoor areas.

Restaurant Cleaning Equipment

As one of the nation’s leading restaurant cleaning providers, KBS specializes in the full cleaning, degreasing, and breaking down of kitchen cooking equipment of all varieties. Using only the highest quality degreasers and cleaning chemicals, we clean, break down, and degrease your hotline, prep line, back line, and bakery stations.

We also provide hood and filter cleaning, display kitchen cleaning and polishing, stainless steel cleaning and polishing (refrigeration units, prep tables, firewalls, etc.), wall cleaning (FRP etc.), and kitchen ceiling cleaning.

Kitchen Floor Cleaning Services 

KBS offers nightly cleaning for restaurant kitchen floors, mats, and baseboards. We sweep and dispose of debris, apply hot water and approved degreaser to the floors, deck or machine scrub, and then rinse the floors clean. We place special attention on cleaning under cooking equipment, prep tables, expo and serving lines, and refrigeration equipment. We also clean and sanitize drains.

In the front of house, KBS teams move all tables and chairs, then vacuum, sweep, and mop all floors thoroughly, clean all baseboards, table bases, wood polishing, dust horizontal surfaces, high dust vents and beams, dust windowsills, lampshades, and pictures. Crews then return all tables and chairs to their original positions. 

Restaurant Cleaning Programs Tailored to Your Needs

As the leading restaurant cleaning provider, KBS partners with facilities managers to implement cleaning programs tailored to their specific needs. We develop disinfecting strategies to the scale and frequency required to maintain health and safety. Our team has the flexibility to fully manage your outsourced janitorial program, or to supplement janitorial staff where preferred.

Depending on the size of your operation, we assemble a team of professional janitors, or find individuals to serve your specific needs. Working with a trained team of professionals, we reduce turnover, increase overall reliability, and ensure that specs are met.

Maintain Healthy Operations through Our Cleaning Services
  • 1,000+ restaurants serviced nationwide
  • 3.5+ million square feet of restaurants services
  • Supplemental janitorial staff for short and long-term assignments
  • Trained teams to fit customer specifications
  • Consistent quality through audits and real-time reporting

Proven Performance through Technology and Expertise

KBS provides commercial janitorial services to leading operations across 70,000 locations nationwide. Our janitorial experts use EPA-registered disinfectants and the most advanced cleaning methods for proven performance. Proprietary KBSForce™ technology is leveraged across every facility for ongoing reporting, auditing, and tracking to increase efficiency and enhance transparency. 

Stay Ahead of the Curve with KBS

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