Stay Ahead of the Curve™

Maintain Healthy Operations in Shipping and Logistics Centers

Shipping and Logistics Facility Services to Stay Ahead of the Curve™

Shipping and logistics centers are the backbone of business. The smooth operation of these 247 facilities is essential and keeping their workers safe is vital. KBS is the leading provider of the facility services that have kept shipping and logistics operations running during the COVID-19 crisis. And we continue that work with a full range of facility hygiene and operational support services that raise standards and lower costs for operations at scale.

Our decades of experience in shipping and logistics enable us to anticipate issues, ensure quality, and maximize efficiency. KBS is committed to partnering with logistics clients to Stay Ahead of the Curve™ with the latest advances for maintaining healthy operations.

Deep Expertise in Shipping and Logistics
  • 250k+ Covid-19 Response Cleaning Nationwide
  • 50+ Years Experience Partnering with Shipping and Logistics Clients
  • 2.5k+ Client Sites Services Nationwide
  • 218 Million Square Feet Serviced
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Tailored Services for Efficient Results

KBS partners with shipping and logistics centers to address complex challenges in staffing, geographic reach, and the need for a consistent application of protocols across the entire enterprise. 

Our Shipping and Logistics Services Include:

Success Driven by a Tech-enabled Team of Experts

KBS works with clients to develop, measure, and report on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Through our proprietary KBSForce™ technology, we track KPIs, record audits, and offer real-time insights on a web-enabled mobile platform. 

Delivering Results for Shipping and Logistics Clients

KBS Facility services focus on meeting client challenges and delivering results. We deliver:

  • Consistently clean and healthy operations that support brand quality and integrity
  • Greater efficiency of equipment, chemicals, and processes
  • Full range of services to meet challenges at scale


Stay Ahead of the Curve with KBS

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