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Commercial Floor Cleaning

Commercial Floor Cleaning for All Industries

Keeping floors spotless throughout our customers’ facilities improves the overall appearance and reduces slip and fall hazards.

At KBS, we provide a full spectrum of commercial floor care cleaning services for hard surfaces and carpet, including daily cleaning, periodic services, and restorative care. Our industry experts design floor maintenance programs that ensure optimal cleanliness, enhanced brand image, and safety for our customers and their guests.

Our programs use the latest products and equipment, while utilizing our proprietary KBSForce™ technology to deliver high quality service and fast response times at the best value.

KBS works with industry leaders to tailor floor care programs to local, regional, and national needs. From hotel lobbies to warehouses, our team creates a regular cleaning program suited to our clients’ needs. 

Advanced Cleaning Technology, Chemicals, and Methods

The KBS team researches and applies the latest in floor cleaning technology, such as HEPA-filter vacuums, microfiber mops, and EPA-approved chemicals. These measures ensure that our floor cleaning services result in spotless and clean appearances, while also providing assurance that an area is safe for employees and customers.

Retail Floor Cleaning

Grocery Floor Cleaning

Hotel Lobbies and Common Areas

Restaurant Floor Cleaning

Tech-enabled Floor Care Services

Our team uses KBSforce™, a web-based system for tracking KPIs and audits. The system allows KBS to track progress and escalate issues, while giving clients easy access to data on when, where, and how work was performed. Our customer service team proactively follows up with sites to ensure local contacts are satisfied, while identifying and resolving any issues.

This people-enabled technology helps KBS maintain healthy operations for clients.

Our Floor Care Services Include:

  • Daily cleaning
  • Restorative hard floor care
  • Comprehensive carpet care

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