People, Environment, Policies & Practices

A Commitment to Corporate Responsibility

Creating Positive Impact in our Communities

Backed by a decades-long commitment to diversity, and increasing adoption of new sustainable solutions, KBS is committed to an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) program that positively impacts the communities we serve through sustainable ESG policy. In 2022, we are focusing on creating a comprehensive plan that prioritizes impactful ESG initiatives, setting goals, and monitoring progress via an annual scorecard process.


Diversity through Inclusion

From the beginning, KBS has set itself apart by building a highly diverse workforce that provides economic opportunity and career advancement for all employees. KBS does not discriminate in hiring, provides equal opportunity, and fully respects federal and state employment protections. Our commitment to social responsibility through diversity and inclusion extends to our vendors who must follow a supplier code of conduct.

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Promoting a Healthier Planet

KBS focuses on delivering sustainable solutions that align with client goals and reduce environmental impact while still adhering to the highest quality standards. From a streamlined chemical catalog that offers green alternatives, to leveraging battery operated equipment, KBS is prioritizing ways to reduce energy and water consumption in both our operations and supply chain.

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Policies & Practices

Upholding Standards

Our leaders and employees are committed to delivering exceptional outcomes while upholding the highest standards of governance, ethics, and codes of professional conduct. This includes anti-corruption, anti-bribery, anti-harassment, and implementing socially responsible workplace policies that promote equal opportunity and access. These policies have been adopted by members of our partner ecosystem, ensuring comprehensive governance and compliance.

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Maintain Healthy Operations with KBS

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