Chemicals and Equipment

Leading Edge Cleaning Methods that Deliver Healthy Operations

Investing in Green’ Chemical Alternatives

We are committed to using environmentally friendly solutions where possible and appropriate. We offer EcoLogo and Green Seal-certified products for clients that want to leverage environmentally sustainable solutions in their facilities. KBS also uses CDC-recommended and EPA-registered chemicals that are effective against a wide range of viruses and bacteria when appropriate or recommended for the situation. We select all our chemicals based on factors such as operating environment, effectiveness, and environmental impact.

Innovating Tools and Technology for a Healthier Planet

We continually invest in new technologies and processes that improve environmental sustainability by reducing water, plastics, waste, and energy consumption while increasing productivity and overall performance. In collaboration with a partner supplier, KBS recently pioneered a new cleaning tool that reduces water usage by as much as 70%. We also adapt and update existing technology to reduce environmental impact. For example, KBS is well on its way to retrofitting more than 4,000 propane-fueled burnishers over the next two years to be battery operated, thus reducing energy consumption.

KBS is actively working with clients to provide sustainable solutions that address their unique needs while also significantly reducing environmental impacts. This is a critical priority for the company, whether it’s expanding our green certified chemicals or innovating new equipment that decreases water, chemical, and energy consumption.”
  • Mazen Rihani
  • Executive Vice President, KBS Innovation Center

Improving Fuel Efficiency

Reducing the emissions of our vehicle fleet is a top priority for KBS. Plans are underway to shift to more fuel-efficient cars, with a significant portion of our national fleet already having been replaced. We are also piloting innovative telematics technology – used to remotely monitor and assess vehicle performance – to help further increase fleet efficiency and safety.

Recycling Programs and Chemical Packaging

Whenever possible, we purchase chemicals in highly concentrated amounts to help reduce the usage of plastic containers and other shipping materials, as well as to mitigate other supply chain impacts associated with packing and transport. We also support clients’ recycling programs, including collecting and separating recyclable materials.