How We Work

Partners in Healthy Operations and Responsible Governance

Guided by Standards of Ethics and Values

As a national leader in facility services, KBS is committed to high standards of compliance and governance. We support and comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations, including those governing equal opportunity employment, anti-discrimination, anti-harassment, data security, and ethical business practices. Responsible governance is a key part of our ESG policy.

Maintaining Hiring and Training Practices

Finding and hiring qualified employees on a national level is a critical priority for KBS. We employ a rigorous employment screening process which includes, but is not limited to I‑9, E‑Verify, employment verification, eligibility requirements, background checks and may include drug screening. Once hired, employees participate in a training program covering safety, equipment, and job functions.

Supplier Code of Conduct

KBS requires all its subcontractors and suppliers to follow specific code of conduct covering a wide range of business practices and procedures. To do business with KBS, vendors must agree to fully comply with all applicable local, state, and federal laws covering immigration, equal employment opportunity, anti-harassment, health and safety, and the environment. KBS also has a Tier II Vendor Diversity Program, focused on providing business opportunity and actively recruiting diverse suppliers to strengthen its vendor network.

Helping Clients Raise Standards and Lower Costs

Using the latest sustainable processes and technologies to maintain healthy operations, our teams anticipate client challenges and proactively deploy solutions. We create comprehensive, tailored programs that draw on decades of expertise across sectors. We leverage best practices across markets and services, and provide ongoing transparency, visibility, and communications.