Raise Standards and Lower Costs

The KBS Innovation Center

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A Resource to Raise Standards and Lower Costs

The KBS Innovation Center is a new resource bringing to market the technologies, processes, and chemicals essential to healthy operations at scale. We work in partnership with clients, suppliers, and industry associations to take ideas from concept to reality, leveraging market research, industry knowledge, and testing to ensure effectiveness and viability.

The KBS Innovation Center is a resource for our clients to test solutions and gain insight into strategies and technologies for healthy operations.

  • Updates on the latest technologies, protocols, and chemicals
  • Communicating challenges and solutions impacting specific industries
  • Presentations on new and vetted technologies in tandem with KBS partners
  • A resource for clients to test protocols, technologies, chemicals, and more

KBS and The Innovation Center Supports Healthy Operations

Cleaning & Disinfecting

The Innovation Center will research and define protocols, chemicals, equipment, and training for highly effective cleaning and disinfecting across multiple environments and end markets.


From the latest software to sensors and markers, the Innovation Center will explore the benefits and applications of technology and its impact on efficiency, quality, and scalability.

Service Delivery and Training

Engineered processes to support safety, health, efficiency, and efficacy are a major output of the Innovation Center. With documentation and ongoing training tools, the Center will continually improve and update KBS teams and clients.


Robotics, automation, cleaning devices, and accessories will be vetted by the Center to optimize performance according to client and market specific needs.


Maintain Healthy Operations with KBS