Testing and Verification

Validate Cleaning Effectiveness

Science-based Testing and Validation

KBS validates the effectiveness of our cleaning solutions through ongoing testing and verification. Using science-based testing methods and industry benchmarks, KBS validates the cleanliness of our clients’ environments, ensuring clients and employees stay safe.

ATP Testing for Cleaning Verification

KBS uses many methods for verifying cleaning efficacy. These methods include ATP meters to measure viral and bacterial loads on surfaces before and after disinfection. If results do not meet our standards for cleanliness, disinfection services are adjusted and re-performed.

ATP testing provides insight into the required frequency of cleaning and disinfecting. KBS teams analyze results from ATP metering to recommend changes to cleaning and disinfecting protocols.

As businesses, workplaces, schools, and public facilities continue to reopen, ATP testing is a valuable tool to identify environments that require additional protection. KBS also uses data from ATP meters to recommend disinfecting technologies and chemicals to maintain healthy operations.


Maintain Healthy Operations with KBS

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