Case Studies / Client Success

Innovative & Low-Cost Remedy Saves on Drain Cleaning Bills

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Customer Profile
Geography: National
Industry: Discount Retail
Locations: More than 900

“KBS created a simple, repeatable, low-cost solution to an expensive problem.”


The customer was experiencing a high number of expensive emergency plumbing calls, largely due to debris in discarded water from cleaning the floors, according to the analysis of service calls. A simple-to-use and inexpensive system was needed to eliminate debris from entering the plumbing system. The program needed to be rolled out and managed nationally for more than 900 locations.


KBS used items that are normally discarded after use to assemble an effective funnel and strainer. An easy-to-make and replace filter was crafted by placing a red floor-cleaning pad in the bottom of an empty 5-gallon bucket with ½’’ holes drilled into the bottom. The bucket was then placed in the sink or over the drain and all debris is caught before going down the drain.


The system eliminated costly emergency plumbing calls due to floor cleaning debris. This system was adopted in all of the customer’s locations, not just those serviced by KBS. Significant savings were realized at negligible cost to the retailer.

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