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School District Thanks KBS Front Line Workers

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

The Chattahoochee County School District recently recognized the partnership with KBS that evolved throughout the COVID crisis. At a school board meeting Dr. Kristie Brooks, District Superintendent, recognized individual team members for their hard work, dedication, and professionalism.

"Our facilities are in as fine a shape as they've ever been,” said Brooks. “Partnering with the right people, the right equipment, and then our team has taken us to great heights. We would not be where we are today with COVID in terms of the preventative place we have been and the safety if it hadn’t been for our front-line workers"

KBS has partnered with leading organizations in many sectors throughout the COVID crisis to keep facilities operational and safe including over 250,000 COVID responses. Our front-line workers have been essential to this effort and we join the CCSD in thanking the entire KBS team for their hard work and dedication throughout the COVID crisis and the recovery period.

“What you see here in this school is just a byproduct of the hard work that Rory (Kimble, Zone Manager, KBS) and his team and the unity with the Chattahoochee County employees,” said Richard Hampson Regional Zone Manager, KBS. “It’s just a phenomenal job that they’ve done.”

KBS teams bring deep expertise to each of the markets they serve anticipating issues and proactively engaging with clients to solve problems upstream. With over 22,000 direct employees and over 700 field support managers, KBS services over 75,000 client sites nationwide.