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Enhanced Facility Services Drives Employee Satisfaction, Raises Standards at Major Manufacturer

Thursday, June 17, 2021

In manufacturing, clean and well-maintained facilities can significantly enhance the efficiency of operations, impact employee worker satisfaction, and increase uptime. The consistency of cleaning across facilities on a regional or national scale can be a challenge, along with the distractions for management teams already tasked with updating and maintaining manufacturing equipment and managing supply chains.

A global plastic component manufacturer with 15 facilities across North America needed to expand, deepen, and standardize its cleaning protocols. A hodgepodge of vendors and internal teams was cumbersome to manage and delivered uneven quality.

This success story explores their partnership with KBS. The team was able to set one very high standard that was easily replicable and scalable across facilities. Employees were happy with the cleaner restrooms and breakrooms. Management was thrilled to deliver higher quality at overall lower costs due to leveraging KBS’ national network of equipment and product vendors.

As in all successful partnerships, the relationship has deepened and grown. The client is now looking to expand its KBS relationship by bundling services that address the exterior of its buildings. Outsourcing snow removal, landscaping, parking-lot sweeping, and maintenance will further centralize management and raise standards at reduced costs.

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