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Eliminated 7 FTE’s generating $660,000 annual savings

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Customer Profile

Geography: Local

Industry: Large Distribution Facility

Locations: 1

“KBS eliminated 7 FTE’s generating $660,000 annual savings”


Internet Commerce distribution centers transfer, move, decant and discard cardboard throughout their distribution centers (DC). Cardboard is first discarded into large gaylords located near pick stations. KBS technicians then transfer the gaylords to compactors or balers using a manual push, manual pallet jack or mobile powered equipment. All the cardboard movement generates cardboard fiber resulting in added dust throughout the facility. In addition, KBS delivers janitorial services scalable to the distribution center’s product flow.

The challenge: Can KBS reduce corrugate handling time to save the customer money and improve fulfillment center cleanliness? In addition, can KBS engineer the janitorial service to streamline the operations resulting in cost reduction and improved quality?


KBS greenbelts and blackbelts teamed up for a week-long kaizen event. The kaizen event focused on cardboard flow, and eventually the solution was reduced to preventing cardboard from entering the facility. The KBS Kaizen resulted in a 6S-project (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Safety, Standardize and Sustain) for the entire janitorial operations.


  • Eliminated 7 FTE’s generating $660,000 annual savings
  • Freed up space for more product
  • Improved efficiency of product flow
  • Less stressful distribution area for employees
  • Lean Sigma offering proved
  • Easier to clean and maintain the facility

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