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Technology and Efficiency Innovators

Our Innovation and Technology Drive Efficiency

KBS is committed to partnering with clients to Stay Ahead of the CurveTM through the latest advances in healthy operations. Our expert team leverages technology to enable our clients to anticipate issues, ensure quality, and maximize efficiency.

KBS Conversations | 12.02.2020

KBS Technology Podcast

In this KBS conversation with Zulfiqar Rashid we discuss the role of technology at KBS and how it is driving value for clients and the role technology has played in helping KBS on the front lines of COVID.

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On the Ground Experts Deploy Rapid Solutions

Field managers are on site at every client location to solve problems upstream, anticipate issues, and deploy rapid solutions.

Our Team

Proprietary KBSForce™ Maximizes Efficiency

Proprietary KBSForce™ technology leverages real-time, on site data to maximize efficiency, transparency, and cleaning validation.

KBSForce™ Technology

We Continue to Invest in Technology Leadership

Our strong investment in technology and expertise ensures that our clients benefit from industry-leading methods for cleaning, disinfecting, and validating.

Technology Overview