How We Work

Raise Standards – Lower Costs

Leveraging 50 Years of Experience

For decades, KBS has raised standards and lowered costs through process efficiency, technology, and operations at scale. We do this by focusing on our clients’ end goals and tailoring programs to meet their challenges, with a scope and scale that are efficient and effective.

Leveraging outsourced labor models and technology, as well as centralized procurement and management, KBS delivers programs that are efficient and effective across regional and national footprints.

Solutions-driven Teams

The KBS commitment to raising standards and lowering costs starts with our solutions-driven teams who are aligned with our clients nationally, regionally, and locally. These teams are empowered with technology solutions to manage programs and people, report on KPIs, and perform audits. We also leverage automation to deliver the most efficient solutions for clients nationwide.

Operating at Scale

Operating at scale enables KBS to rely on central procurement for chemicals, disinfecting equipment, PPE, and other supplies.

Raising standards and lowering costs can deliver significant savings for clients across a number of service lines by bundling services. Service bundles allows KBS to truly meet client challenges, rather than simply answering a scope of work.