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KBS Technology Podcast

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

In this KBS conversation with Zulfiqar Rashid we discuss the role of technology at KBS and how it is driving value for clients and the role technology has played in helping KBS on the front lines of COVID.

KBS provides essential facilities services across North America that help companies stay ahead of the curve. A large part of staying ahead of the curve lies in technology. Throughout its history, KBS has invested heavily in technology, and that has helped many of its clients raise standards and lower costs at scale nationwide. Zulfiqar Rashid, CIO and President of operations at KBS, speaks about how technology is helping KBS clients, how the role of technology and facility services is evolving, and how COVID is impacting how KBS is leveraging technology now and in the future.

From the interview:

"So technology has always been a key part of KBS’s strategy. It continues to evolve, technology continues to evolve, KBS continues to evolve, and technology continues to be an underpinning of everything that KBS does. The key thing to remember about technology at KBS is technology has to be fit for purpose. We don’t think about technology as “it’s the latest and greatest thing to do.” So we need to do it. It has to be fit for purpose. Meaning what? Meaning it has to create a some kind of a value for our customers and for KBS and its stakeholders. So that’s really the role of technology at KBS. We don’t really differentiate KBS from operations. It’s intermingled. Everything that KBS does, whether it’s our field operations our customer service, our HR. Regardless of the function. The underpinning is technology. That’s the role of technology at KBS."