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KBS Quickpay Now Available To Hourly Employees

Monday, February 26, 2018

Kellermeyer Bergensons Services, LLC (KBS) is now offering KBS QuickPay, a benefit that allows hourly employees to access their wages before their regularly-scheduled payday, shortening the time between finishing their shift and getting paid. Employees can use the money they receive through KBS QuickPay to pay bills on time, avoid overdraft and late fees, and take care of emergency expenses.

As employees work throughout the week, they build an available balance based on completed hours. They can transfer all or some of this available balance at any point during the pay period. Once payday arrives, employees receive their full paycheck minus the amount they already received during the pay period.

“When people apply for jobs and we tell them about the benefit, they really like it,” said Roy Alcalde, Regional Vice President. “It helps them get to work – pay for gas money, things like that. I’ve heard this from different managers and employees. Employees are praising the fact they can get access to their money at any time. They can speak with their manager to learn more about signing up, which is easy to do.”