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KBS Celebrates Janitorial Team Members as Part of National Cleaning Week

Monday, March 28, 2022

KBS is proud to join others in our industry as we celebrate National Cleaning Week (March 27-April 2). During this special occasion, we reflect on the value and importance that cleaning and sanitation brings to our nation’s facilities. We also recognize the impact that our KBS team members have had in helping our customers maintain healthier operations, especially over the past two years.

Why Cleaning Matters

The pandemic helped reinforce what we knew all along – that cleaning is critical, and frontline workers are essential. We also know that cleaning is still crucial for keeping traditional cold- and flu-causing germs at bay. As COVID surged this past winter, this fact became increasingly important to help reduce absenteeism and keep workforces as healthy and productive as possible.

Cleaning also plays a vital role in meeting heightened customer expectations. The cleaning services we provide help keep our clients’ facilities looking their best, which in turn improves public trust and perception and strengthens their brands. Given that the first thing customers notice when they walk through the front door of any business is its overall appearance, cleanliness is crucial.

Finally, cleaning matters because it preserves assets, which helps clients save money. Dirt, dust, mold, and mildew can have damaging effects to any commercial space – including floors, carpets, and HVAC systems -- if not treated consistently and effectively.

Thank You

Perhaps one silver lining to the pandemic is a newfound respect and appreciation for frontline janitors and cleaning professionals. Prior to the pandemic, the work done by janitors, housekeepers, and custodians often went unnoticed by the public at large. Cleaning was often seen as something that was done after hours. Now we are seeing just how important these hard-working men and women are to the well-being of everyone.

A Sustainable Future

Contrary to what some may believe, effective cleaning and environmental sustainability are not mutually exclusive. KBS encourages its clients to use green chemicals that reduce their carbon footprint, while our innovation experts work with clients to implement technologies that reduce energy, water, and chemical usage. We look for opportunities to do more for our clients – and the planet – with policies and solutions that minimize waste, maximize operational efficiency, and protect human health.

We hope you will join us in recognizing the value of cleanliness and showing appreciation for essential workers during National Cleaning Week. For a list of weeklong events sponsored by ISSA, a national cleaning industry association, visit their website.