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KBS Announces Newest Partnership with One Medical for Contract Cleaning

Friday, September 27, 2019

KBS is pleased to announce that as of September 1, 2019, KBS is providing contract cleaning for One Medical.

One Medical, which is a primary healthcare care provider, has retained KBS to provide contract cleaning of its healthcare locations. One Medical is a membership-based practice focused on making quality care more accessible and enjoyable for all. They pride themselves on maintaining offices that have beautiful, calming waiting rooms and on providing on-time appointments.

KBS began providing services on September 1, 2019, to over 40 locations across the United States.

One Medical was looking for a vendor that could service all US locations and to ramp up services quickly as they acquire more locations and looked to KBS for the best healthcare cleaning protocols.
KBS provides the daily, routine cleaning services as well as weekly autoclave maintenance, and looks forward to exponential growth as One Medical acquires additional locations.