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Inside KBS’ Culture of Growth and Inclusion

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

While environmental sustainability takes center stage during Earth Month in April, it's essential to recognize that Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives encompass more than just sustainability. Under the Social category of ESG falls an organization's relationships with people, as well as its policies and actions that impact individuals, groups, and society. At KBS, that is shown through our culture of diversity and inclusion that provides opportunities to our employees and vendor partners.

Our culture is shaped by our core values – trust, reliability, innovation, client service, and doing things the right way. Central to our culture is the profound belief that all work is honorable, and we acknowledge the dignity of those who do it. These values are embraced by our highly diverse and inclusive workforce, which spans across over 100,000 client locations nationwide.

From our frontline team members to our leadership, we are committed to providing opportunities for all individuals, regardless of background. Our proactive approach to diversity is reflected in our workforce, with over 50% of our employees being women and over 80% of our field management comprised of ethnic minorities.

Creating Opportunities at KBS

Our commitment to our core values translates into creating tangible opportunities for employees at different levels. For those seeking flexibility in their work schedules, KBS offers a range of schedule options that can accommodate various lifestyles and commitments. Additionally, full-time employees have access to comprehensive benefits options that medical coverage.

Recognizing that professional development is key to advancing into new career opportunities, we’ve also prioritized continuous learning and growth. This commitment is evident in the recent introduction of a new digital Learning Management System (LMS) that goes beyond essential safety and equipment training to help employees elevate their careers. For example, the system will soon include personalized learning paths that will enable employees to select content and training that aligns with their individual career goals.

KBS also understands that diversity includes providing opportunities for advancement. We know that career growth is a journey, and we are committed to providing diverse opportunities for advancement at every level of the organization. From frontline positions to management and executive roles, we emphasize internal promotions and growth opportunities to ensure that talent is recognized and rewarded.

To illustrate this, Zone Manager Brenda Visselli Duarte and Regional Vice President Mario Moreno share their journey with KBS below.

Laura Alvarado has also worked her way up to her current role as Zone Manager in the almost 5 years she’s been with KBS. Below, she shares her story.

Supporting Subcontractors Through Diversity Spend Programs

Our commitment to diversity and providing opportunities extends to our vendor partners as well. We understand that ESG goals are not just important to KBS – they are also important for many of our clients. To support them, we have strategic Tier 1 and Tier 2 partnership programs in place that give business to certified diversity-owned businesses, including those owned by minorities, women, and veterans.

While vendor partners may be diverse owned, they can only qualify for Tier 1 or Tier 2 business opportunities if they are certified. To help with this process, our Subcontractor Compliance team sends out detailed annual questionnaires to our vendor partners to identify diverse enterprises and understand their classification. Once identified, our system triggers a series of emails to guide them through the certification process. Certification opens doors to additional opportunities for these vendor partners as clients may seek a certain percentage of Tier 2 diversity spending in their contracts with KBS, fostering a more inclusive and equitable business environment.

Join the KBS Team

If you're looking to join a company that values diversity, empowers its employees, and supports its partners, KBS is the place for you. Whether you're exploring career opportunities or seeking to become a valued subcontractor, we invite you to join us in fostering a culture of growth and inclusion.

Visit our careers page to explore the diverse range of opportunities available, or head to our vendor partners page if you’re a subcontractor looking to get involved.