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How to Select a Snow Removal Vendor

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Summer is almost here, which means it’s time to start thinking about winter again – at least when it comes to locking in your snow and ice removal vendor. According to KBS Exterior Services expert Ray Smith, now is the best time to start reviewing your vendor options to help lock in the best prices for when winter finally arrives. In this short video, Ray details what factors to consider when choosing a trusted snow removal partner, and what differentiates KBS from the competition. Watch our video interview with Ray or read the transcript below.

KBS Expert: Ray Smith, VP, Exterior & Trade Services, KBS

What time of year should businesses start looking for a snow removal partner?

Ray Smith: As soon as snow season ends, that is the best time to start thinking about snow removal for next winter. It's like buying a winter coat. If I buy it right now, it's on sale, but if I wait until next winter it will cost me more money. The same principle applies to snow. Get your prices, get your contracts locked in no later than August, and you'll be happy you did.

How do you know if you're a good fit for an outsourced program?

Ray Smith: If you have multiple sites over multiple states, then you're a good fit for an outsourced program. Think about it, KBS can provide value by consolidating all your vendors into one vendor, KBS. We also take care of everything from service delivery to liability and compliance, and this allows you and your field team to focus on your core competencies.

What considerations should organizations consider when selecting a vendor?

Ray Smith: So as you know, there's a lot to consider when selecting a vendor, especially for snow removal. My top three would probably be number one, service verification through mobile technology. Number two would be the people they have working on your account, both in the field and in the office and their ability to communicate timely, especially during a snowstorm, and number three, their ability to keep service standards high while providing a low cost solution. That can be best done through bundling of services. Most people bundle snow removal with a landscaping or parking lot sweeping can also be bundled with janitorial or other types of services.

What sets KBS apart from other vendors when it comes to snow removal?

Ray Smith: So what sets KBS apart from other snow removal vendors? There's lots of things. I'll give you my top three - number 1 is our technology. We have technology for weather forecasting and service verification that allows us to be proactive instead of reactive in the middle of a snowstorm. It's a new technology called SnowMap and our operations team uses this to quickly view which sites still need services based on the weather. Number two, we have service redundancy through backup vendors and our own field management team that allows us to service properties even if the assigned crews equipment breaks down or they're delayed for some reason. And number three, we provide customized solutions and also offer bundle service packages consisting of both exterior and interior services. This allows you to leverage your facility spend to get the best pricing possible.