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An Interview with Maritza Ascencio Urbina

Wednesday, August 3, 2022


Maritza: My name is Maritza Ascencio and I’m a zone manager at KBS. People should come to work with KBS because it’s a good company. You have good opportunities and you can learn a lot and be ready to grow.

Getting Started at KBS

Brenda: Maritza started working for one of our big retail stores, at the time I used to have a different manager that hired her. She worked there for a few years when I got offered a promotion and I saw that she would be a good replacement for my position. I did see the potential that she had because the store she was working at was always super clean and the managers loved her, and you know there was no issues, we would never hear nothing from there.

Maritza's Reaction to Getting Promoted

Maritza: Well, I didn’t believe it but I mean, I thought well this is my opportunity to you know, grow more and it was crazy that day. But yeah I accepted, and I’m here now.

Growing into the Role

Brenda: I feel that from when she started till now, she really opened up. She bloomed into the position she’s at and I feel like she’s gone beyond the possibilities that she felt that she had.

Maritza: Brenda helps me a lot, and she is still helping me because I'm learning every day different things right now. Like right now, this is new for me. So yeah, she is really good boss.