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5 Benefits of Selecting a National Facility Service Provider with Local Market Expertise

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

When it comes to selecting a facility services partner, people tend to group potential providers into either a national or regional bucket, with each offering their own advantages. Conventional wisdom says that national providers tend to offer scale and reduced costs, while regional providers offer enhanced local support.

But in today’s complex operating environment, which includes low labor availability, lingering inflation and increased staff and visitor expectations, facility leaders should consider the benefits of a national vendor that enables a “best of both worlds approach” combining national scope with regional expertise.

This dual approach is a necessity for national organizations aiming to maintain high standards across multiple regions while addressing the unique needs of individual sites. Here are the core advantages of selecting a national facility services provider that is “nationally strong” and “locally great.”

KBS team provides janatorial services in a modern corporate facility

1. Significant cost savings via volume pricing

A national provider typically purchases cleaning supplies, equipment, and chemicals in bulk, often using deep, time-tested relationships with manufacturers and suppliers. This enables larger providers to tailor programs that align to the client’s Scope of Work (SOW) and deliver the type of cost savings that are expected in today’s cost-conscious operating environment. This type of purchasing scale is not available through smaller operators.

2. Improved consistency of service quality across sites

National organizations with sites across multiple regions want to ensure consistent brand standards at each location. Because of their extensive resources and scope of services, a national provider is far more adept at being able to apply the same service quality standards at each location. This helps ensure a cohesive and consistent brand experience.

3. Stronger local focus due to leadership at every level

A common myth is that national vendors can’t provide local market expertise and focus. It’s the opposite. Matrixed, expanded leadership structures typically allow larger operators to provide local leadership at every level, from site supervisors to area managers to regional executives. These leaders understand the unique operating environment of every location and work with local client leadership to build effective programs.

4. Better access to the latest advanced technology and innovation

A national provider typically has more resources to invest in technology and advanced equipment, both of which are critical for improving efficiency and compliance. Digital operational software helps track attendance, project statuses, and KPIs, providing transparency and accountability. New equipment, such as multi-tool cleaning systems, significantly increase employee productivity and reduce water and energy usage.

5. Reduced risk thanks to enterprise-class HR compliance and training

There is real value in the hardened HR processes at a national services organization. Large providers are more likely to have stringent and robust hiring and training processes that ensure employees working onsite are legally authorized to work and fully prepared to do the job from day one. They can also offer training and compliance programs based on the client’s scope of work and local laws and regulations. Some even offer mobile hiring and vetting capabilities, so hiring can be done in any local market to support a clients changing business needs.

Partner with KBS

In today's complex operating landscape, facility leaders must embrace a national vendor offering a "best of both worlds" strategy to maximize their budget spend and their facility services efficiency. As the largest privately held facility provider in North America, KBS is the embodiment of this approach—nationally strong and locally great. For the last 50 years, KBS has offered clients the many benefits of a national provider (including many listed above) while offering a unique local market perspective that delivers local leadership at every level. Request a quote today and elevate your facility services with KBS as your strategic partner.