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3 Ways Outsourcing Facility Services Can Help You Go Greener this Earth Day

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

As Earth Day approaches on April 20, now is a great time to take a deeper look at your operation’s sustainability practices. Facility managers are increasingly recognizing the pivotal role they can play in reducing environmental impact in the buildings they manage. In fact, one survey from Cleaning & Maintenance Management found that 76% of respondents reported working towards improving sustainability practices and decreasing their facilities carbon footprint.

One solution for facility managers to elevate their sustainability efforts almost immediately is to partner with a national facility services company. With formal Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) programs in place, large providers like KBS are in a unique position to help clients make significant strides towards a greener future. By outsourcing, facility and operations managers gain access to equipment, supplies and processes that are designed to not only get the job done more effectively but also minimize environmental impact.

From offering a comprehensive range of green-certified chemical cleaners to employing proprietary equipment that reduces water and energy usage, here are three ways outsourcing your facility services can help you go green this Earth Day.

KBS Recognizes Earth Day

1. Access to More Efficient Equipment

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a key sustainability goal for many organizations. One strategy for improving GHG emissions is to upgrade to more efficient cleaning equipment, something that national providers are able to provide thanks to their large scale and purchasing power. For example, KBS has replaced many of its propane burnishers to battery-powered units to help decrease energy consumption, and consequently, greenhouse gas emissions.

Additionally, working with a large, outsourced provider opens doors to using innovative equipment solutions that reduces environmental impact. For example, KBS recently developed a propriety multi-tool cleaning system in collaboration with a manufacturing partner to both reduce waste and increase productivity. The multi-tool has proven to reduce chemical and water usage by 60% and 75% respectively. By embracing these advancements, facility managers can make strides in reducing their facility's carbon footprint while maximizing operational efficiency.

2. Innovative Chemical Solutions

Chemical usage can pose big risks to the environment and employee safety, so it's a key focus for sustainable facility management. Large facility services providers are often at the forefront of using eco-friendly alternatives and can recommend the best options for clients looking to go greener. This includes green-certified chemicals, such as those endorsed by Green Seal and EcoLogo, to ensure safer and more sustainable cleaning practices without compromising efficacy. It also includes new solutions that utilize simple ingredients like tap water and advanced technologies to create safer yet effective cleaning alternatives.

Finally, by buying facility cleaning products in bulk and exploring chemical concentrate options, national providers can also reduce packaging waste and shipping costs, promoting more sustainable supply chain practices.

3. Increased Transparency with Data Validation by Third Parties

Ensuring the credibility and accuracy of sustainability efforts is important in today's business landscape. One recent survey found that roughly 80% of consumers surveyed said they are more likely to trust companies that back up their sustainability claims with publicly shared data. Third-party validation plays a crucial role in this regard, providing an independent assessment of a company's ESG practices. As facility managers strive to meet their sustainability goals, they should seek a reputable facility services provider that offers the assurance of data validation by trusted third parties.

One such validation comes through EcoVadis, a leading provider of sustainability ratings for global supply chains. By participating in EcoVadis, companies like KBS ensure that their environmental performance and ESG initiatives are rigorously assessed and verified, offering peace of mind to clients seeking reliable and credible sustainability solutions.

Partner with KBS

As facility managers strive to meet evolving ESG objectives, the role of outsourced facility services becomes increasingly important. This Earth Day, reaffirm your commitment to environmental stewardship and embrace the potential of outsourced facility services in building a greener future.

To see how KBS can help deliver more sustainable facility practices, request a quote today.