Raise Standards and Lower Costs

Medical Cleaning Services

Raise Standards and Lower Costs with KBS Healthcare Support Services

Healthcare facilities need to maintain the highest standards in cleaning. These essential operations simply cannot afford for any part of their facility to operate below standards. At the same time, healthcare facility operators are challenged with maintaining healthy operations across multiple locations while also building efficiency.

KBS partners with healthcare facilities to create safe and consistently clean environments. We offer our healthcare partners a complete range of cleaning and facility services to keep patients and staff safe with scalable solutions customized to meet specific requirements. Our expertise and technology enable our clients to anticipate issues, ensure quality, and maximize efficiency. With decades of deep experience in facility services, KBS is committed to partnering with clients to help Raise Standards and Lower Costs with the latest advances for maintaining healthy operations.

Deep Expertise in Healthcare Cleaning Services
  • Best practices from hospitality, healthcare, retail, and logistics shared with education clients
  • 700+ Healthcare Facilities Served Nationally
  • Full Range of Services from Deep Cleaning to Temporary Cleaning Staff
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Maintaining Healthy Operations with Medical Cleaning Services

Tailoring Medical Cleaning Programs

Supplemental Janitorial Staff

Communicating Healthcare Cleaning Services and Protocols

ATP Testing To Verify Cleaning

KBS works with clients to verify cleaning through AdenosineTriphosphate (ATP) meter testing. These programs measure bacteria loads on surfaces before and after cleaning and can be used to verify cleaning methods or modify protocols to focus on high touch point areas. KBS is working with healthcare clients to implement these programs nationwide to partner in creating healthy, safe environment for patients and staff.

A Trusted Partner for Healthcare Support Service Nationwide

KBS works with healthcare facilities nationwide, applying industry best practices to create efficiency and drive results.

  • Hospitals
  • Senior Care Facilities
  • Specialty Clinics
  • Dialysis Centers
  • Primary Care Offices

Maintain Healthy Operations with KBS