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Stay Ahead of the Curve™ with KBS Government Cleaning Services

KBS has delivered clean and inviting environments by providing custodial services for government and municipality facilities for over 60 years. We have experience serving high-traffic, public buildings of varying ages, including small city buildings, mixed-use facilities such as museums, courtrooms, libraries, auditoriums, conference rooms, and police stations. City, county, state, or even national forms of government are covered.

KBS partners with government facilities to create safe and consistently clean environments. We offer our government partners a complete range of cleaning and facility services to keep employees and visitors safe with scalable solutions customized to meet specific requirements. Our expertise and technology enable our clients to anticipate issues, ensure quality, and maximize efficiency. With decades of deep experience in facility services, KBS is committed to partnering with clients to help Raise Standards and Lower Costs with the latest advances for maintaining healthy operations.

Deep Expertise in Government and Institutions
  • 500+ Government Institutions Services Nationally
  • 4 million square feet of government institutions and Facility Services
  • Full Range of Services from Deep Cleaning to Temporary Janitors
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Maintain Healthy Operations 

KBS knows the high expectations from government initiatives and elected officials. Security issues that exist in government facilities mean we need to do our part in protecting your confidential environments and documents. Most importantly, we help protect your citizens.

Today, KBS is working with clients to help create environments that make people feel safe as more government offices and facilities reopen. KBS partners with government operators on outsourced cleaning programs, supplement staffing, deep cleaning programs, and exterior maintenance such as parking sweeping, snow removal, and landscaping. We design and implement government-specific programs to meet our clients’ complex challenges on a national, regional, and local scale for a wide range of facilities.

A Trusted Partner for Government Cleaning Services, Nationally and Regionally

KBS works with government institutions nationwide, applying industry best practices to create efficiency and drive results.

  • Cities
  • Counties
  • Special Business Districts

Tailored Programs for Efficient Results

We tailor programs to meet the needs of today’s government buildings and facilities. Our comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting solutions maximize results while driving efficiency and consistency. Implementation plans are designed around proven models and leverage existing talent and equipment to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

Implementation leverages existing talent and equipment to enable smooth transitions to fully or partially outsourced models.

Supplemental Janitorial Staff

Communicating Government Cleaning Services and Protocols

ATP Testing To Verify Cleaning

Maintain Healthy Operations with KBS