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KBS sets the standard for technology-enabled integrated facility support services.

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KBS has the expertise to provide industrial-engineered customized solutions for your unique environment.

Rapid Response: How KBS Deployed Thousands of Cleaners to Pharmacies Nationwide
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KBS Leverages Disinfection Experience in NYC
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Annual savings of $900,000 for Large Manufacturing Facility
Top car manufacturer in the world who prides itself on quality cars resulting from its production system and Lean Sigma practices calls on us for savings.
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An annual savings of almost 10% per year portfolio-wide
The Customer has reported that bundles of cash have been found in the trash. The Customer has also reported finding valuable, highly-sensitive documents in the trash that should have been saved or shredded.
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Eliminated 7 FTE’s generating $660,000 annual savings
The leading distributor of retail goods in the world who prides itself in rapid distribution and uninterrupted flow ask for a reduction in corrugate handling time to save them money and improve fulfillment center cleanliness.
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Dedicated Support Provides Long-Term, High Quality Outcomes
A large, university medical center needed to maintain the highest quality, cleanest possible environment as well as achieve goals for a decreased budget. KBS demonstrated great flexibility and improved the speed and quality of custodial services.
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Innovative & Low-Cost Remedy Saves on Drain Cleaning Bills
The customer was experiencing a high number of expensive emergency plumbing calls, largely due to debris in discarded water from cleaning the floors, according to the analysis of service calls. A simple-to-use and inexpensive system was needed to eliminate debris from entering the plumbing system. The program needed to be rolled out and managed nationally for more than 900 locations.
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Standard Exterior Services Delivery Achieves Savings
A national pet supply retailer sought to standardize service to enhance brand image and drive savings. KBS quickly implemented a standard exterior services program and achieved customer goals.
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