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Video Spotlight: KBS Zone Manager Claudia Garcia

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Claudia Garcia knows what it’s like to move up the career ladder at KBS, advancing from a site supervisor to a zone manager in just three years as part of KBS’ Business & Industry (B&I) team.

Claudia calls KBS the "best place to work," citing the flexible work schedule and the family-like environment. She also appreciates technology and tools like KBSForce, which helps her better manage her operations and onboard employees quickly.

Hear more about the life of a Zone Manager in this short video interview.

Getting Started with KBS

I got started at KBS a little over three years ago, I started as a supervisor. I worked really hard to build myself up to an Operations Manager and now I’m currently a Zone Manager.

Working at KBS

What I like most about working at KBS it’s how flexible our schedules can be. I also like that all the new clients that I can meet, all the new accounts that I visit. I’ve actually built really good relationships with all of them. I also do care for all of my team. You know. All my employees have become like a family.

The KBS Culture

I would describe KBS culture as very ethical, professional, and self-driven. Everybody that I worked here, have been very friendly and have been actually a lot of help to me. I’ve actually grown and learned so much from my coworkers.

KBSForce Technology

KBS Force has been a big help. To develop my day-to-day duties I actually do utilize it for inspections when I walk with customers. You know they give us good reviews there, they can actually show how well our team has been working. I also utilize it for onboarding new people and we also check our employee’s hours to make sure everyone gets paid correctly. So it is a big help to have KBS Force. IT has done a great job developing that software.

KBS Opportunities

People should come to work to KBS because it’s a great environment. There’s a lot of places for growth, I can put myself as an example. I started as a supervisor, I got promoted twice already. I am currently a Zone Manager and I love it. I love going out to recruit for people and tell them you should come to the best place to work.