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Video Spotlight: KBS Regional Zone Manager Lucia Vargas

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

One of the best things Regional Zone Manager Lucia Vargas likes about her job is working with clients in KBS’ Business & Industry organization. Another is working with employees and company management, whom she calls very supportive. “I am fortunate to work with some great people,” she said.

Hear more about Vargas' KBS journey, which started five years ago and saw her advance rapidly to become one of the senior RZMs in San Diego County.

Getting Started with KBS

I started with KBS 5 years ago, I was Zone Manager and throughout the years I worked very hard and accomplished my tasks. Two years later, sorry three years later, I was promoted to Regional Zone Manager.

Working at KBS

What I like most about working with KBS, we have three things. That's my clients, I’ve built great relationships with them throughout the years, coworkers and leadership. I’ve had the privilege to work with really good people.

Working with Clients

Oh, I love managing my clients. Like I mentioned I’ve built great relationship with them throughout the years. I’m always there for them when they need, when they send an email, a phone call, they have a request or concerns, I am there. I make sure that their needs are met.

The KBS Culture

What I like most about KBS culture, is that it’s one that's very supportive, trusting, and there’s never a time where I cannot reach out via email or phone and get my questions answered. The people are great employees, it’s a very good company to work for.