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An Interview with Regional Zone Manager Brenda Visselli Duarte

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Getting Started with KBS

Brenda: My career started at KBS thirteen and a half years ago. I used to work at a retail store, I was a regular crew member and from there I worked my way up as a Project Crew Leader, I was a Zone Manager which used to be an area manager before and then I got promoted to regional zone manager.

I've stayed with KBS for this long because I like my job, I like meeting new people, I like the fact that I not only work in one specific location I'm always driving around and I got to meet a lot of people in a lot of places that I feel I would never explore on my own.

The KBS Culture

Brenda: To me, I feel like the KBS culture is kind of like a family. We’re not just here to work, you know. Our colleagues see us as brothers or sisters, it’s not always work, work, work. So I feel like it’s a second home because it doesn't really feel like work.

Why KBS is a Great Place to Start a Career

Brenda: I think that people should come work with KBS because we have a lot of different opportunities for work. You can work part-time, you can work full-time if you want to start a career here there's many opportunities for you to do it. There's many positions, like myself I started working as a crew member and saw the different levels of opportunity that could be and I think I gave it my all to get where I’m at.

Supported by Helpful Managers

Brenda: As I started working, there was still certain things I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to do because I never really thought I would be where I’m at now you know. I think having Mario as my supervisor really helped me out because every time I ask him for help or asked him for something he would always be there to help me and even if there was things I didn't really understand he would have the patience you know to explain to me how things are.

Mario: “Brenda is a really hard worker, is a really hard, good in management. When I first time met her years ago, I could see the potential she has. The customers love her a lot and I have a lot of customers telling me ‘she’s good, Brenda’s good. She takes care of me, everything works good.’ That's the reason she is where she is right now. And thank you to you.”