Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning

Back of House Kitchen Cleaning Services

KBS is a full-service provider of cleaning services to all areas of the kitchen and back of the house. These services include cleaning, degreasing and breaking down of all kitchen equipment, hoods/filters, stainless cleaning and polishing, food prep stations, serving lines, ceilings, walls, and tables. We also provide full cleaning and degreasing of kitchen floors and mats, and cleaning of employee areas. KBS also specializes in deep cleaning of your kitchen equipment when needed.

We don’t forget about the Front of the House! Learn more about Front of House Restaurant Cleaning KBS provides.

Our Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Services Include:

  • Full cleaning, degreasing and breaking down of all types of kitchen cooking equipment
  • Hood and filter cleaning, stainless steel cleaning and polishing, wall cleaning and ceiling cleaning
  • Nightly cleaning of your kitchen floors, mats, and baseboards
  • COVID-19 Facility Services

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