Restaurant Front of House Cleaning

Front of House Cleaning Services

Dining Rooms – With over thirty years of providing basic cleaning for restaurant dining rooms, we know to move all tables and chairs; vacuum or sweep and mop thoroughly all floors; put tables and chairs back in their proper location; and to clean all baseboards, table bases, wood polishing, dusting of horizontal surfaces, high dust vents and beams, dust windowsills, lampshades and pictures. We also polish any brass or other bright work as needed.

Bar & Lounge – Cleaning, degreasing and sanitizing all floors and mats, including under sinks and wells is given special attention. As with all areas, drains behind the bar are also cleaned and sanitized. Any cleaning services provided for the dining rooms listed above are also available for Lounges. Our crew vacuums carpeting in the lounge, sweeps and mops all hard floors, polishes any bright work such as brass foot rails, dusts horizontal surfaces, etc. If you have a patio, we also provide high dusting and pressure cleaning to that area.

Restrooms – The customer bathroom cleanliness is extremely important! We clean and sanitize counters and sinks, clean mirrors, clean and polish stainless steel and chrome fixtures, clean and polish walls, clean and sanitize urinals and toilets, mop floors and detail clean corners, clean and sanitize baby changing tables, partitions, clean baseboards and behind toilets and empty garbage cans so they are spotless.

Our cost-effective nightly kitchen cleaning service keeps your restaurant at a high level of sanitation and appearance.

We don’t forget about the Kitchen! Learn more about Back of House Restaurant Cleaning.

Our Restaurant Front of House Cleaning Services Include:

  • Wall cleaning and ceiling cleaning
  • Nightly cleaning of your floors, mats, and baseboards
  • Move all tables and chairs; vacuum or sweep and mop thoroughly
  • COVID-19 Facility Services

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