K-12 & University Education Services

KBS is partnering with educational clients to implement school cleaning and disinfecting programs nationwide to ensure that students, faculty, and staff stay safe.

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, KBS has partnered with industry-leading companies to respond to their needs and keep their operations running safely. KBS teams are applying the same expertise to help schools strategize and implement the most effective disinfecting and cleaning services for the upcoming year.

KBS is committed to educational facility maintenance programs and school cleaning services that ensure students, faculty, and staff stay safe. KBS school cleaning strategies include:

  • Creating and executing strategies for touchpoint cleaning.
  • Using advanced technology to verify cleaning and disinfecting and adjusting cleaning protocols when needed.
  • Strategizing when cleaning will take place to maximize visibility and effectiveness is essential.
  • Communicating cleaning protocols to parents, faculty, staff, and students.
  • Planning for deep cleaning and COVID-19 responses in the future should be part of any facilities plan moving ahead.

KBS school cleaning and disinfecting programs for public and private schools, colleges, and universities typically include:

Conducting a full school cleaning and disinfecting program prior to the re-opening of the school: All flooring, surfaces both vertical and horizontal as well as furniture and fixtures are cleaned and receive a combination of manual disinfection, electrostatic fogging and the application of UV devices.

An Ongoing School Cleaning and Disinfecting Program: Implementing an ongoing and supplemental cleaning and disinfecting program tailored specifically to a school’s needs is essential. These programs are refined based on testing, observations, evaluation of current cleaning programs, and feedback from school administration/committees.

Testing and Verifying: Testing for ATP provides insight into the bacterial and viral load of a surface. ATP testing is used by KBS to confirm the efficacy of cleaning and disinfection by measuring the presence of ATP to assure the levels detected fall within accepted thresholds.

Ongoing Partnerships to Enhance School Cleaning and Disinfecting

Depending on the size and needs of the campus or school, regular visits are scheduled with school officials and a designated KBS account manager.

Our account managers ensure that all crew members are trained to be flexible and responsive to current needs with the most up-to-date technology, regardless of the size of the school or campus.

Best practices, such as color-coordinated microfiber towels, are fully implemented at all times to sanitize touchpoints and avoid cross-contamination.

Areas and services for school cleaning, disinfecting and ongoing school maintenance include:

  • Classrooms, offices, and libraries
  • Lobbies, entrances, hallways and other high-traffic areas
  • Restrooms and locker rooms
  • Cafeterias, eating areas and kitchens
  • Gym floors cleaned, stripped and waxed
  • Minor maintenance such as lamp and ballast replacement, changing door locks, and carpentry
  • Exterior services such as snow removal, pressure washing, landscaping, and parking lot maintenance

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