Institutional and Government Services

KBS has delivered a clean and inviting environment by providing custodial services for government and municipality facilities for over 60 years. We have the experience in serving high-traffic, public buildings of varying ages, small city buildings, mixed-use facilities such as museums, courtrooms, libraries, auditoriums, conference rooms, and police stations. City, county, state or even national forms of government are covered.

KBS knows the high expectations from government initiatives and elected officials. Security issues that exist in government facilities mean we need to do our part in protecting your confidential environments and documents. Most importantly, we help protect your citizens.

KBS offers you cost-effective services to ensure your citizens’ happiness.  Our institutional and government cleaning services include:

  • Clean touch points to reduce illnesses
  • Lobby, Elevator, and Common Area Cleaning
  • Porter service
  • Restroom care and sanitation services
  • Window cleaning
  • Exterior Services
  • COVID-19 Facility Services

We focus on the above services in your facilities and have cleaners who have passed a detailed background check so you can focus on your goals and citizens.

KBS and Empire (a proud member of the KBS Family of Companies) are honored to be the official cleaners for Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Every year, for 2 weeks straight, after the partying is over, we work through the night to have the French Quarter of New Orleans clean and new for another day of celebration.  Take a look at how we get it done!

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