Maintain Healthy Operations

COVID-19 Contract Cleaning Services

Rapid Covid-19 Response

KBS has partnered with industry-leading organizations to rapidly and effectively respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, deploying thousands of disinfecting teams to shipping and logistics centers, pharmacies, grocery stores, senior living facilities, data centers, and other essential operations.

Even when supply chains broke down at the start of the COVID-19 crisis, KBS resources continued to deliver not only labor, but also PPE, mission critical chemicals and supplies, sanitizing and professional cleaning services, at a national scale.

In total, KBS has performed over 250,000 COVID-19 deep cleaning remediation operations during these unprecedented times.

Deep Cleaning Service for Healthy Operations
  • A comprehensive prevention and response maintenance plan
  • Over 250,000 COVID-19 cleanings
  • Nationwide deployment of teams
  • PPE and safety protocols to keep workers safe
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How KBS Operates

KBS partners with clients on a national scale to deliver programs that limit the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses, and prepare for outbreaks if they occur. The KBS Science Advisory Board and Innovation Center have developed and supported proven, proprietary technology and protocols that drive our facility hygiene programs. KBS sets standards beyond EPA and FDA recommendations, deploying the right products for the right environments.

Tailored Programs for Healthy Operations

As more facilities reopen for business, KBS continues to partner with leading companies to deliver essential facility and disinfection services that help clients and employees stay safe. We tailor solutions based on client-specific needs, applying our deep expertise and four levels of COVID-19 responses to maintain healthy operations.

Our COVID-19 Response Includes Four Levels

Adjusted Frequency of Cleaning & Disinfection

Expanding the Scope of Cleaning

Deep Cleaning Services

COVID-19 Incident Response