KBS COVID-19 Response and Services

KBS has partnered with industry-leading operations to rapidly and effectively respond to the COVID-19 crisis, deploying thousands of disinfecting teams to shipping and logistics centers, pharmacies, grocery stores, senior living facilities, data centers and other essential operations. KBS has performed over 250,000 COVID-19 deep cleaning remediation operations.

As more facilities re-open for business, KBS continues to partner with leading companies to deliver essential facility services that help customers and employees stay safe. We tailor solutions based on site-specific needs, applying our deep expertise and four levels of COVID-19 responses to maintain healthy operations.


Adjusted Frequency of Regular Cleaning and Disinfection

We offer tailored responses to adjust or increase frequency of cleaning and disinfection within facilities to maintain healthy operations and help customers and employees stay safe. Reprioritizing areas within an existing scope of work and deprioritizing others, adjusting the time of day and duration, along with the introduction and safe application of EPA registered disinfectants are key. We also work with our clients to offer turnkey solutions or supplement the work of their internal teams with KBS professional cleaning teams.


Expanding the Scope of Cleaning

Our teams work with clients to expand the scope of service to meet demand, including high touch point cleaning which is critical to maintain healthy operations. High frequency touch point cleaning can include hand rails, door handles, counter tops, light switches, elevator buttons, keyboards, telephones, restroom fixtures, hygiene barriers and any surface or object where the virus can exist for hours or even days. Increasing the scope of cleaning may also be combined with increased frequency of disinfectant cleaning and may include intermittent fogging and UV disinfection protocols as appropriate.


Deep Cleaning

KBS delivers single or periodic deep cleaning to a wide range of operations providing customers and employees with assurance that spaces that have been closed during the crisis are ready to reopen. Services at this level of deep cleaning often include HEPA vacuuming all carpeted areas, machine cleaning all floor surfaces with EPA registered disinfectant cleaning solutions, hygiene barrier cleaning, the proper application of virucides on all horizontal surfaces, disinfecting all furniture and fixtures, hot water and sanitizer extraction of upholstered furniture.


COVID-19 Incident Response

KBS dispatches remediation teams to clean and disinfect areas potentially exposed to the virus. These teams are specially trained and equipped to thoroughly treat the environment so that facilities can become safely operational as quickly as possible. Workers for this service are equipped with head to toe level 4 PPE. After a minimum five-hour wait time, KBS teams perform a deep cleaning and disinfection on all horizontal and vertical surfaces, which may also include disinfectant fogging and or UV disinfection. Dispatching response teams in a matter of hours, KBS has safely performed over 250,000 COVID response cleanings nationwide.

Creating a Healthy Infrastructure

In addition to cleaning and disinfecting services, KBS provides clients with products to help prevent the spread of the virus. These include hygiene barriers, hand sanitizing stations, wipes, hand soaps, hand towels, sanitary tissue, individual daily personal hygiene kits and environmental signage with information on cleaning products and processes. These tools further promote healthy operations and help customers and employees stay safe.

Keeping Our Workers Safe

The KBS culture is built on the belief that: all work is honorable, we acknowledge the dignity of those who do it, and we do things the right way. Our entire organization is dedicated to the success of our clients and the well-being of our workforce. During our response to the COVID-19 crisis, we always maintained our rigorous standards for worker safety, ensuring they have the equipment and training required to minimize risk.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

KBS partners with clients to create ongoing solutions that maximize operational efficiency while maintaining a healthy environment. Our proprietary KBSForce™ technology provides real-time, onsite data to maximize efficiency, transparency, and cleaning validation. Expert KBS field managers leverage technology to solve problems upstream, anticipate issues, and deploy rapid solutions. We continue to invest in our technology leadership and do everything we can, every day, to help our clients maintain healthy business operations and Stay Ahead of the Curve.

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